Computation of event sensing data

In computation of event sensing data, neuromorphic circuit systems asynchronously process data sensed by event cameras at high speed and low power consumption like neural network of human retina.

Like human retina, an event camera asynchronously outputs event signal when the logarithmic intensity of light changes. The pixel of event camera is composed of a photo diode, differential circuit, and comparator, and thus have high dynamic range. We are researching neuromorphic circuit systems that can reduce redundant data processing and process data at high speed and low power by detecting/calculating data only when an event occurs. With traditional frame-based cameras, points moving between frames cause motion blur. On the other hand, in our research, motion blur is eliminated by processing event data quickly. We are aiming that moving objects such as self-driving cars and drones move autonomously, safely and securely by recognizing the environment and objects accurately at high speed.

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