Conference Presentation at AEC/APC (Advanced Equipment Control/Advanced Process Control) Symposium Asia 2023(November 2, 2023)
Chihiro Matsui, Shinsei Yoshikiyo, Hiroshi Horiguchi and Ken Takeuchi, “Comparison of Numerical Meth
Conference Presentation at 2023 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD)(October 30, 2023)
Ayumu Yamada, Naoko Misawa, Chihiro Matsui and Ken Takeuchi, “LIORAT: NN Layer I/O Range Training fo
Conference Presentation at Silicon Technology Tutorial 2023(October 28, 2023)
竹内健, “AIチップの基礎と最新動向”, シリコンテクノロジー・チュートリアル2023, 2023年10月28日.【招待講演】
Invited Talk at 2023 International Conference on IC Design and Technology (ICICDT)(September 26, 2023)
Ken Takeuchi, “Analog Computation-in-Memory (CiM) for AI Application,” 2023 International Conference
Conference Presentation at 20th European Radar Conference(September 21, 2023)
Kazuhide Higuchi and Ken Takeuchi, “A Beat Signal Processing System with Parabolic Frequency Chirp R
Conference Presentation at 84th JSAP Fall Meeting 2023(September 20, 2023)
Yinghao Sun, Kazuhide Higuchi, Chihiro Matsui and Ken Takeuchi, “Improvement in Inference Accuracy i
One Invited Talk and Five Conference Presentations at International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM)(September 5-8, 2023)
Ken Takeuchi, “Analog Computation-in-Memory (CiM) for Neuromorphic Computing,” International Confere
Invited Talk at IEEE Non-Volatile Memory Systems and Applications Symposium (NVMSA)(August 30, 2023)
Ken Takeuchi, “Computation-in-Memory Architecture for AI Accelerator,” IEEE Non-Volatile Memory Syst
Journal Publication at IEICE Transactions on Electronics(July 1, 2023)
Shinsei Yoshikiyo, Naoko Misawa, Kasidit Toprasertpong, Shinichi Takagi, Chihiro Matsui and Ken Take
Conference Presentation at IEEE Silicon Nanoelectronics Workshop (SNW)(June 11, 2023)
Shinsei Yoshikiyo, Hiroshi Horiguchi, Chihiro Matsui and Ken Takeuchi, “Machine Learning-based Accur
Three Conference Presentations at LSI & System Workshop 2023(May 9-10, 2023)
三澤奈央子,松井千尋, 竹内健, “組合せ最適化問題の最大カット問題とナップサック問題が許容する量子化ビット数とデバイスエラー耐性を考慮したReRAMを用いたコンピュテーション・イン・メモリ”, LS
Conference Presentation at IEEE International Memory Workshop(May 21-24, 2023)
Takuto Nishimura, Yuya Ichikawa, Akira Goda, Naoko Misawa, Chihiro Matsui and Ken Takeuchi, “Stochas
Plenary Talk at IEEE International Symposium on VLSI Technology, Systems and Applications (VLSI-TSA)(April 20, 2023)
Ken Takeuchi, “Neuromorphic Computing with Computation-in-Memory, CiM,” IEEE International Symposium
Two Journal Publications at Japanese Journal of Applied Physics(JJAP)(February 6-14, 2023)
Chihiro Matsui, Eitaro Kobayashi, Naoko Misawa and Ken Takeuchi, “Comprehensive analysis on error-ro
Two Conference Presentations at IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS)(March 26-30, 2023)
Ken Takeuchi, “Neuromorphic Computation-in-Memory System,” IEEE International Reliability Physics Sy
Three Conference Presentations at 7th IEEE Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing (EDTM) Conference 2023(March 7-10, 2022
Ayumu Yamada, Naoko Misawa, Shunsaku Muraoka, Ken Kawai,, Chihiro Matsui and Ken Takeuchi, “TaOX ReR
Eight Conference Presentations at 70th JSAP Spring Meeting 2022(March 15, 2023)
合田晃, 松井千尋, 竹内健, “FG型ニューロンを用いた加算ネットワークにおける確率共鳴効果”, 第70回応用物理学会春季学術講演会, 15a-B414-3, 2023年3月15日. 山田歩, 三
Invited Talk at JST-NSTC Workshop 2022: Nanoelectronics and System Integration for AI(December 19, 2022)
Ken Takeuchi, “Memory-Centric Computing”, JST-NSTC Workshop 2022: Nanoelectronics and System Integra
Journal Publication at IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society(September 13, 2022)
Akira Goda, Chihiro Matsui and Ken Takeuchi, “A Stochastic Leaky-Integrate-and-Fire Neuron Model Wit
Journal Publication at IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics Communications and Computer Sciences(September 5, 2022)
Chihiro Matsui and Ken Takeuchi, “Heterogeneous Integration of Precise and Approximate Storage for E
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