Quantum error correction

Quantum error correction (QEC) efficiently corrects errors of Qbits and realizes error tolerant quantum computers.

Quantum computer is placed in several temperature regions. To increase the Qbit capacity, low-power small chip area QEC circuits are required and are placed in the cryogenic temperature of 4K. The decoder of Surface code, a protocol for QEC, is implemented in Computation in memory (CiM) using non-volatile memories and operates Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) algorithm. As a result, compact low-power QEC circuits are achieved. By utilizing non-volatile memories, data transfer of LSTM weights between room temperature region and extremely low temperature region is reduced and thus enables high-capacity quantum computers. Furthermore, the accuracy of QEC is maintained even if non-volatile memory has errors, paving the way for the new application of non-volatile memory in QEC circuits.

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